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Federal Grants and Students Loans are available to all those who qualify. 2014-2015 maximum Pell grant is $5,730. The maximum loan available in the freshman school year is $9,500 for independent students and $5,500 for dependent students. (Students under the age of 24 are considered dependent students). The maximum Direct Loan available in the sophomore school year is $10,500.
Applications for Federal Financial Aid must be made at: Loan documents can be found at All students are required to sign the master Promissory Note and entrance counseling paperwork following the direction on the website.

The school is approved to train Veterans and members of their family through the GI or the Disabled Veterans bill. Students may qualify for Federal grants under these program.

Students must derive 10 % of the total cost of attendance from private sources. A monthly payment plan is available to students who do not qualify for the programs mentioned above. A minimum 50% of the tuition is required at the start of each semester. The balance is worked out on a monthly basis throughout the semester.

The programs above do not apply to foreign applicants. Applicants from outside of the United States must secure funding from their country of residence prior to arrival. The school has no agreements with any foreign financial institutions.

Tuition is charged on a semester by semester basis. Students are expected to pay tuition at the start of each semester unless other arrangements are made.

All male students under the age of 26 applying for Federal funding are required to register with the Selective Services. Males who are born outside the United States must request clearance in the form of a letter from the Selective Services. This letter must be presented to the Financial Aid department before the distribution of Federal funds can be made. The Selective Service web page is
Private Funding information
Applications for private loans must be made directly to the lending institution and not through School.

Cardiotech Ultrasound School currently has no existing arrangements with local institutions for providing school loans to those who meet the qualification set by the lending institution.

Students must contact the Financial Aid Department for information and assistance regarding Federal Financial Aid.